The House hit cinema screens across the world this summer and to mark the momentous occasion we are taking a look at just how you could genuinely look at running a casino from your own home.

You might need to dodge the odd law here and bash the odd head there but if you’re keen, then let’s begin.

Going Underground

It depends where you live but you will definitely want to do your homework on the legislation of gambling in your jurisdiction. Different territories have different laws, so be careful.

If you are too lazy to do all that reading then you can consider going underground with your operations.

Keeping things low key is a massive risk that could result in you spending 20 years in jail. On the plus side, it means you can avoid paying any legal fees and can basically run things as you want.

Pick Your Games

A casino earns its reputation based on the games it offers. Do you want to go new age and offer recently released slot machines? Or would you prefer to keep it old school and offer classic casino table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps?

How about rewinding things back to 2003 and making your house the centre for poker in your region?

Think about what games you can fit into your living room and dining room. You might even want to bring your garage into play. Your house is the limit of your casino’s potential. Also, online sites are available for some extra fun; see 안전놀이터.

Don’t forget to hire the dealers as well. You don’t want to be stuck dishing out cards all night at your own casino.

That’s Entertainment!

You have two choices here. Classy and sophisticated or seedy and borderline illegal.

If you want something that’s more acceptable, then you want to advertise for local comedy acts, up and coming musicians, and entertainment troops who can put some dance moves together.

If you are not too fussed about your own reputation then send an email out to the local college with an advert looking for attractive students looking to earn some extra cash to cover their college fees. Females and males can apply!

Your casino is going to want to offer something for everyone. Feel free to throw in the odd widescreen TV to show sports events. That will attract another demographic besides gamblers.