Are you mentally and physically depleted? Is your 8-5 job robbing you of your happiness? If you’re stressed, tired and feeling depressed we know what you need – a one-way ticket to a place you have always wanted to visit but never had the chance to. We’re not saying you should quit your job because being unemployed doesn’t stop the bills from piling, what we’re saying is you should consider taking a breather.

Numerous studies show that traveling is good for your mental and physical health. If you’ve been stuck inside the confines of your office cubicle for the last ten years it’s time to give yourself that much needed break. We couldn’t think of a perfect way to de-stress than to travel whether by land, sea or air as long as you explore a new place and savor new sights and sounds of a foreign city.

Can traveling really reduce stress and boost energy? Let’s find out.

How Traveling Can Reduce Stress and Boost Energy

Traveling Boosts Your Immune System

Do you know that if you travel your immune system gets stronger? That’s because your body creates antibodies that fight against pathogens. What does traveling have to do with your immune system? Well, when you’re in a new environment you’ll be exposed to new bacteria and your body adapts to this new bacteria thereby enhancing your immune system.

Going on Vacations Reduces Stress

Traveling to a different place can significantly reduce your stress. Besides lowering your stress, it also makes you happier. This happens with the relaxing effects of new experiences and a carefree mindset. Activities like adventure sports or even lying on couch reading or just listening to music can reduce stress and increase endorphins; the happiness hormones. Music can be of great help; be it the oldies like Elton John or Barbi Benton Songs or new ones from hiphop or pop songs. According to studies, people who go on vacations are in a better mood and are well rested. The positive emotions they experienced lasted for weeks even after the vacation.

Visiting New Places Lowers Your Risk of Contacting Heart Disease

Individuals who go on vacations are less anxious and less stressed and they are more relaxed. Studies reveal that men and women who travel every year are less likely to experience a heart attack. Another reason why you’ll have a lesser chance of developing heart disease is when you travel you’ll be compelled to explore the new place by foot. There will be a lot of walking involved and walking is considered a form of cardio exercise.


Don’t let work get the best of you. If you feel drained both mentally and physically use your vacation leaves and go on a long drive over the weekend or go cross-country or better yet, book a flight and explore a new country! The world is a beautiful place and it would be a waste if you don’t explore it. Sure, traveling will cost you money but the experiences and the joy that vacation brings will make you realize that it is worth every penny. It’s safe to say going on vacations is good for your body, mind and spirit. Not only does it make you healthier it also makes you happier and when you meet new people your social circle or network expands. Life is short, travel and live longer! Trust us, you won’t regret using those vacation leaves.