I suddenly wondered if I was doing Deriheru for a long time.  “What are you waiting for?” Oita What is the girl at Deriheru doing and waiting for the nomination from the customer? 
If you ask, it will be solved, but when a girl comes in, such a question will be blown away (laughs) It is the “net” that comes to mind immediately. 

There is an impression that a young girl is touching a mobile phone well, so that is appropriate. However, recently there are smartphones and iPods, so you can do various things such as music and games. Isn’t it a “sound” that is worrisome when that happens? You can silence it, but you usually listen with headphones. This is a headphone that allows you to create your own space, but have you ever heard that the cable has been disconnected? Click here to know what headphones are commonly used.

Liquid Metal

If you get caught in something, you can easily break it. I think it’s hard for young women who are especially mobile. Such a headphone, but you may be able to make a headphone with a metallic liquid in the cable. As for what happens, there is no disconnection written above. The cable that covers the metal liquid is rubber, It seems to grow up to 8 times. 

However, it seems that liquid metal leaks when the cable itself is cut, so it is a bit of an expectation how to solve the problem. I thought this article was written, but if I get this, I can play with its elasticity …! What a weird thing (laughs) After that, the long atmospheric time means that it’s a free shop, so I’m looking for a  new job in Oita Deriher.